Muckey Landing

Bonus Episodes

December 22, 2022

A Very Muckey Christmas Parade

Join Virgil and Harmon to experience the unending excitement that is the annual Muckey Landing Christmas parade!

Holiday Bonus

November 09, 2022

Election Day Bonus Episode

While Mike and Dixie work on editing our next full-length episode, we hope you enjoy Virgil's little summary of how election day went in Muckey Landing this year.

Holiday Bonus

March 07, 2022

Backstage Muckey Landing with Mike Polo, Bruce Leister, Chris Polo — Bonus Episode

In celebration of Muckey Landing's second anniversary, Mike Polo (Virgil Slatter, and also Muckey Landing's sound designer and editor), Bruce Leister (Harmon Truesdale) and Chris Polo (Muckey Landing creator/writer/director) sat down and talked about how Muckey Landing came to be.

Bonus Interview

February 02, 2022

Vinnie Jean Bloopers — Bonus Episode

The east coast blizzard this past weekend derailed all of our recording sessions for our second episode of the season, so Mike put together this bonus episode to give you guys something to listen to and hopefully laugh at.

Bonus Bloopers

December 30, 2021

Backstage Muckey Landing - Patti Gatto Interview

In this New Year bonus episode, Mike Polo (Virgil Slatter), Bruce Leister (Harmon Truesdale) and Chris Polo (Creator/Writer/Director/etc.) talk with Patti Gatto, who voices Doral Bernstein.

Bonus Interview

December 05, 2021

Backstage Muckey Landing - Jim Rezac Interview

Get to know the folks behind the scenes at Muckey Landing! Mike Polo (Virgil Slatter), Bruce Leister (Harmon Truesdale) and Chris Polo (Creator/Writer/Director/etc.) talk with music director Jim Rezac, who wrote and performed our award-winning Muckey...

Bonus Interview

December 24, 2020

A Very Muckey Christmas — Holiday Bonus

It’s nearly Christmas, and Harmon and Virgil work on their entry in the Christmas poem contest put on by the local radio station. Starring Mike Polo as Virgil Slatter  Bruce Leister as Harmon Truesdale  Original music arrangements by Jim Rezac Sound ...


November 01, 2020

Harmon’s Birthday Surprise — Pandemic Bonus 8

It promises to be an exciting weekend in Muckey Landing: Virgil's sister, Velma, is reopening her gentleman's club, The T&G, for the first time since she closed on account of the pandemic, and Virgil couldn't ask for a better venue to celebrate Harmo...