Muckey Landing


May 01, 2020

You Know Joe... — Pandemic Bonus 3

Still quarantined, Virgil attempts to forge ahead with recording a history of Muckey Landing for Mitch Pohunk to play on the radio, while Harmon is getting tired of Joe Biden constantly calling him up to talk about nothing. Virgil Slatter - Mike Polo...

Pandemic Bonus

April 16, 2020

Advise and Dissent — Pandemic Bonus 2

With the town of Muckey Landing still in quarantine, Virgil and Harmon discuss what they want to discuss without coming to much of a conclusion.

Pandemic Bonus

April 09, 2020

Sort of a Public Service Announcement — Pandemic Bonus 1

Virgil Slatter and Harmon Truesdale, co-owners of the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium, attempt to advise you about staying safe while shopping at their store.

Pandemic Bonus

March 29, 2020

The Late, Late Harmon Truesdale

Virgil tries not to lose his temper about Harmon being late for work every morning, to disastrous effect. Salesman Dickie Butz stops in and sells Virgil some highly effective merchandise from Japan.


March 07, 2020

Virgil Gets A Dog

We meet Virgil Slatter and Harmon Truesdale, proprietors of the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium. Virgil adopts Aloysius, the world’s ugliest dog. Local artist Myrtle Myrkle invites Harmon to dinner, and Police Chief Neville Cheefe ...


February 02, 2020

Introducing Muckey Landing

Let Virgil Slatter, co-owner of the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium, introduce you to a few of the quirky inhabitants of his sleepy little hometown.  Muckey Landing — a scripted comedy podcast. Not as sleepy as it looks.