Muckey Landing

S2E5 - The Bologna Connection


After overhearing Muckey Landing's newest residents, Nick Costello and Sal Bambino, discuss an apparent murder plot, Harmon panics when the pair returns unexpectedly to the Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium. When the retired mobsters offer them a shady business deal, Virgil and Harmon are stuck between a rock and a hard place: saying no could mean running afoul of the mob, but saying yes means stirring up potentially deadly trouble with the local Amish!
Muckey Landing is a multi-award-winning comedy audiofiction podcast.
***Cast and Crew***
Virgil Slatter - Mike Polo
Harmon Truesdale - Bruce Leister
Nick Costello - John Zinzi
Sal Bambino - Steve Caporiccio
Doral Bernstein - Patti Gatto
Sound Design and Editing - Mike Polo
Sound effects by Mike Polo and Pond 5
Muckey Landing is created, written and directed by Chris Polo