Muckey Landing

The Mamalorian


In the final episode of Season 1, the fire crew cleans up as Virgil and Harmon hash out how they've come to find themselves under arrest in the back seat of Jenny Pilsner's police car. Meanwhile, police chief Cheefe and volunteer fire chief Bunny Slatter mull over possibilities; while their theories about the cause range from contrails to terrorists to spontaneous combustion, officer Jenny Pilsner believes there’s a more mundane explanation for the mysterious fires that have recently plagued the Muckey Landing-Ditchwater Lesser Metropolitan Area.
*Muckey Landing is a Gold Selection of the 2021 Hear Now Festival*
Our Cast and Crew
Mike Polo as Virgil Slatter
Bruce Leister as Harmon Truesdale
Mike Barko as Ruger Codger
John Hulse as Floyd Grimes
Kane Mowrey as Lt. Jenny Pilsner
Will McVay as Fire Chief Bunny Slatter
Dick Pack as Chief Neville Cheefe
Gina Shuck as Mabel Sprout
Erin Rich as Mama Slatter
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