Muckey Landing

The Shoplifting - Episode 5


We're celebrating our first anniversary, so this episode has details about how to enter our celebration giveaway and win cool Muckey Landing stuff!
Harmon's all in a lather about tonight's planned heist of Myrtle Myrkle's erotic painting from the Fuzzy Duck Gallery, but first, he and Virgil have to get through a regular workday. When six cans of ScrappyTime Scrapple Whip go missing from the store, Harmon swings into action to catch a suspected shoplifter, enlisting the help of Buck Firken, Muckey Landing's highly enthusiastic but impossibly dim rookie firefighter. Throw Sammy Fraudiddler and Doral into the mix, and it's a wonder Virgil still has his sanity!
Our Cast:
Mike Polo as Virgil Slatter
Bruce Leister as Harmon Truesdale
Jeff Bellon as Buck Firken
Andrew Hertzberg as Sammy Fraudiddler
Patti Gatto as Doral Bernstein
Muckey Landing theme is written and performed by Jim Rezac
Sound design is by Mike Polo
Produced by Chris Polo
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