Muckey Landing

Vinnie Jean Is Not My Lover - Season 2, Episode 1


Season 2 of Muckey Landing is finally here!  
In our season opener, Harmon makes himself pretty for Vinnie Jean, Virgil's sexy little sister, who's coming to work at the store as part of her probation for whomping her ex-boyfriend upside the head with a frozen pork loin. While they await her arrival, Virgil and Harmon discuss Charles Berlitz, the biblical origins of  modern language, the wisdom of buying cologne on the internet, and past mistakes. The unexpected appearance of an old nemesis sends both guys into a tailspin, while Vinnie Jean's arrival isn't everything Harmon had it cracked up to be.  
Our Cast and Crew:  
Mike Polo as Virgil Slatter  
Bruce Leister as Harmon Truesdale  
Patti Gatto as Doral Bernstein  
Shelby Bradford as Vinnie Jean Slatter  
Sound design is by Mike Polo  
Theme song and incidental music are composed and performed by Jim Rezac of  
Sound effects provided by SoundIdeasCom and applehillstudio/ Pond5